On the coast of the Sea of Tears lies a great city. One of the oldest and largest in the world, it has stubbornly maintained its independence from the young kingdoms that rise and fall around it. But independence is not an easy path. As the price of its defiance in an age nearly forgotten, the city labors under an ancient curse. No sunlight has touched the city of Raven in nearly 3000 years.

The city has long since learned to live with its curse, but now something is changing. A dark castle now stands on the fringes of the city, having appeared practically overnight. No one who approaches it is heard from again. And impossibly, it is growing. The presence of the castle incited such panic that the Duke of Raven did the unthinkable. He reached out to the rulers of the latest in the long string of nations that have laid claim to lands around the city.

Sensing an opportunity, the sorceress known as Soulcatcher has ordered the Old Company to assist the Duke with his problem. And if, along the way, they happen to root out the rebels who have been using the city as a base, and increase the Circle’s influence over the traditionally independent city of Raven, well, that’s probably just a coincidence.

City of Eternal Night