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  • Soulcatcher

    Along with the other members of the Circle, Soulcatcher burst on to the scene roughly a century ago.

  • Limper

    Limper is the most powerful of the Circle, but unlike most of his brethren, he is not noted for being a careful planner. He prefers to bull straight throw obstacles, using his raw power to carry the day. He and Soulcatcher have a poorly concealed rivalry. …

  • Whisper

    Whisper is known for her no-nonsense attitude. As the most focused and businesslike of the Circle, she forms the head of the third major power bloc (everyone who doesn't want to get involved in the feud between Limper and Soulcatcher).

  • The Protector

    The leader of the Circle when they first appeared around a century ago. Disappeared near the end of the last war with Bremen and has not been seen in fifty years. Rumor is that the Circle has done away with him, and only keeps up the fiction that he is in …

  • Shadowspinner

    Another member of the Circle. Generally supports Limper in the internal politics of the Protectorate. She is closer to him than anyone else and may be the only person who he really listens to.

  • Howler

    A member of the Circle. Generally supports Soulcatcher politically. He gets his name from the screams of pain that he is able to suppress only with great difficulty. Has been suffering from an incurable, crippling disease for as long as anyone can …

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